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What is it?

This database contains more than 200,000 universal words. The UWs have been produced by means of the application of several algorithms to Wordnet v 2.1. Some of the UWs in this database do not contain all the desirable information, like arguments for verbs for example. The reason for this is that the original source (Wordnet) lacks this sort of information.

The purpose of this database and its associated application is to help users to define universal words when codifying UNL texts from a natural language. One of the most serious challenges in the UNL codification is the definition of universal words; namely, a single concept should be assigned a unique universal word, independently of the codifier team. This ideal situation will make compatible UNL codifications, regardless of the codifier team. This application has been designed to serve this purpose.

If the user is not completely satisfied with the words that the system offers, he/she can redefine them according to the specifications of the UNL. The developing team of the Spanish Language Center of the U++ Consortium will continue to maintain and improve this dictionary. If you observe deficiencies or have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.